Tetramethrin 0.2 + permethrin 0.48


Tetramethrin 0.2 + permethrin 0.48
Tetramethrin 0.2 + permethrin 0.48

wasp and hornet

Aerosol formulation

for flying insects,
in particular for wasp and hornet. For domestic use

An insecticide acting against many insects but is particularly suited to the struggle against wasps and hornets, including in their nests, as well as for its formulation and mode of use.

The special valve means it can strike insects at distance, up to 4 metres, directly in their nest and avoiding the risk that the operator might be attacked by them. It has a good residual action.

Pack Image Size Packaging Formulation Pcs x Box Cartons x Pallet Pcs x pallet
750 ml Canister Aerosol 12 56 672
750 ml Canister in display packaging Aerosol 40 8 320

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