Plant graft mastic with copper


Plant graft mastic with copper
Plant graft mastic with copper

formulation that contains COPPER


Plant graft mastic with COPPER

Perfect for all grafts.
Ready to use paste.

ARBOKOL COPPER is a polyvalent product that unites the characteristics of mastic for grafts with the beneficial effect of copper. It can be used on all plants, trees, bushes to protect a very wide range of wounds (cuts, pruning, atmospheric agents, etc.).
The presence of copper makes the ARBOKOL COPPER formula unique in its category for high performance in covering cuts. A slim but even layer is sufficient. Once formeda, the film will protect the treated part of the tree without rupturing. This is the ideal product to use in hobby cultivation, but also in professional agriculture. It improves the natural resistance of plants to adverse environmental conditions.


Formula innovation

immediate grafting effect, approved by nature ADAMA C&P MASTICS : designed for the hobbist, tested by Professionals.

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Pack image Size Packaging Formulation Pcs x Box Cartons x pallet Pcs x pallet
1 kg Jar mastic 12 42 504
5 kg Pail mastic 2 42 84

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