Grafting mastic


Grafting mastic
Grafting mastic


Plant graft mastic

Perfect for all grafts.
Ready to use paste.

A mastic suitable for all types of grafting to protect plants during pruning and injury in general. The product contains no phytotoxic ingredients and can therefore be spread directly on wounds.

ARBOKOL CLASSIC forms a plastic film which isolates the affected part from the outside environment. Once it has dried the film easily adapts to all plant movements without cracking and thus maintaining its characteristics unaltered over time. Owing to its calibrated viscosity it is easy and practical to use.

Ready to use, it can be brushed on and needs no fluidification by heating; this eliminates the risk of burns to grafts from the use of hot mastics.


Formula innovation

immediate grafting effect, approved by nature ADAMA C&P MASTICS : designed for the hobbist, tested by Professionals.

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Pack Image Size Packaging Formulation Pcs x Box Carton x Pallet Pcs x pallet
250 g Jar mastic 48 30 1440
500 g Jar mastic 24 40 960

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