Entomological glue – brushable


Entomological glue – brushable
Entomological glue – brushable

flying and crawling insects


A specific glue for capturing flies and insects with brush application.

TEMO-O-CID is a brush application specific glue for capturing flies and insects. After application, the modest evaporation of the solvent makes the product absolutely non-toxic. It does not dry and maintains its properties even if exposed to atmospheric agents.

The transparency of TEMO O CID glue makes the product perfect for preparation of colour traps of all types: it adheres perfectly to any support for reliably capturing flying insects.

Constant use of glues in floriculture, in allotments, vineyards and gardens is an all-over combat tool for monitoring infestations for understanding when it is necessary to proceed with alternative and targeted treatments.


Production Technology

KLARATAC is the name of the technology underpinning the formula of entomological glues.

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Pack image Size Packaging Formulation Pcs x Box Cartons x Pallet Pcs x pallet
750 ml Tin glue 24 25 600

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