Cypermethrin 0.2 + Tetramethrin 0.2


Cypermethrin 0.2 + Tetramethrin 0.2
Cypermethrin 0.2 + Tetramethrin 0.2

flying insects

RTU formulation

Microemulsion ready to use. For domestic and public use.

Ready-to-use insecticide ideal against flying insects that can infest homes, meeting places, communities, hotels, restaurants, industries, rural environments.

The presence of the synergist Piperonyl butoxide strengthens its activity and duration.

Fights flies, gnats, wasps, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, midges or any other flying insect.

Pack Image Size Packaging Formulation Pcs x Box Cartons x Pallet Pcs x pallet
750 ml RTU bottle Liquid 15 32 480

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