Chromotropic traps


Chromotropic traps
Chromotropic traps

allowed in organic agriculture

Chromotropic traps

Specific traps for monitoring and capturing the main damaging insects for vegetable and fruit crops. They are ready to use, practical and completely non-toxic. They are resistant to damp, to bad weather and do not dry out over time. They are a valid alternative to phytosanitary products and are a 100% natural and organic aid in combatting insects.

YELLOW: whitefly
An adhesive trap for capturing insects including: whitefly, aphids, midges. It protects plants in the garden, greenhouse and in pots.

BLACK: tuta absoluta
An adhesive trap for capturing insects, and in particular Tuta absoluta in greenhouses, in fields and allotments.

BLUE: thrips
Adhesive trap for capturing thrips. Use pre-blossom.



Pack image Size Packaging Formulation Pcs x Box Cartons x Pallet Pcs x pallet
bs. 10 pz. 40x25 cm Bag

adhesive trap

12 90 1080

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