Chromotropic traps plus


Chromotropic traps plus
Chromotropic traps plus

with pheromons

They excellently withstand, over a long time, the effects of damp, rain, heat and the sun without drying out
Fundamental for biological and combined combat, pheromone traps are the best solution for monitoring and capturing insects in a targeted and effective way.

What are pheromone traps?
These are panels having a strongly adhesive side containing and releasing special attractive pheromones into the air which attract a particular type of insect; the attraction is facilitated by the colour of the trap

How to use them
These are effective tools in understanding the level of infestation and capturing adult insects.
They are available in 4 different types:

  • Trap with pheromones for olive fly
  • Trap with pheromones for codling moth
  • Trap with pheromones for vine moth
  • Trap with pheromones tuta absoluta for tomatoes

When and where to use them?
The adhesive panels should be hung on branches, sufficiently distanced (for hobby gardeners 1-2 on each tree may suffice) until the spring, and should be checked at least once a week and replaced every 5-6 weeks.

Pheromone traps in the Temo – o – cid COLORTRAP PLUS line are highly adhesive even in the presence of rain; thanks to the Klaratac technology, the glue does not dissolve, does not run or dry even with high temperatures.

Suitable for use in the greenhouse and in allotment tunnels.

Use is allowed in organic agriculture.

Pack image Size Packaging Formulation Pcs x Box Cartons x Pallet Pcs x pallet
3 pieces + 3 pheromones 40x25 cm Bag adhesive trap 12 90 1080

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